Ontario Has Cheap Homes For Sale Right By ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Waterford House

Live in the world of your favourite TV show!
Ontario's Houses For Sale In Gilead Are Right By The Waterford's Mansion
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Ontario has lots of gorgeous neighbourhoods you can buy a house in, including a fictional one. Fans of The Handmaid's Tale can settle down near the Waterford residence with these Ontario's houses for sale in Gilead. These abodes will transport you into the fictional world without all the rules.

Based on the classic book by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale television series had many of its scenes filmed in Ontario.

The Waterford's house is located just outside of Toronto in Hamilton.

There are several surrounding properties for sale, so you can live right in the fictional world. 

Luckily, no red robes are required in the real-life neighbourhood.

If Gilead isn't your style, you can settle down in Schitt's Creek instead.

There is a  home for sale is right by the filming location of Rose Apothecary, so you can swing by and pick up all the essentials from David and Patrick.

The Handmaid's Tale was also filmed in Toronto, Cambridge, and other areas across the province.

You can visit some of the locations seen in the show by heading to these spots.

Say hello to your new neighbours, the Waterfords, after moving into one of these houses!

Park-Side Home

Price: $459,950

Address: 43 Vola Crt., Hamilton, ON

Description: Just steps away from Sam Lawrence Park, this 3-bedroom home has a finished basement and a large detached garage.

[image 5f071f981ef3d47f60527a27]

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Victorian Home With Enchanting Garden

Price: $675,000

Address: 283 Charlton Ave. W., Hamilton, ON

Description: This historic Victorian home will whisk you back in time. It even comes with its own grape arbour in the backyard and a wet sauna.

[image 5f0738d92d6f527f662ed8b9]

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Central 3-Bedroom Home

Price: $549,000

Address: 218 Queen St. S., Hamilton, ON

Description: Close to shops, trails, and restaurants, this 3-bedroom home is awaiting some personal touches.

[image 5f073c9a1ef3d47f60527ca7]

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Garden Patio Home

Price: $649,900

Address: 166 Markland St., Hamilton, ON

Description: Lounge in a magical garden gazebo at this turn-of-the-century home.

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