Canadian Luka Magnotta became the focus of the 2019 Netflix documentary Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer after he was found guilty of murdering international university student Jun Lin in 2014.

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Several years later, here's where Luka Magnotta is now and what the internet sleuths from the three-part series are currently up to.

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Deanna Thompson (Baudi Moovan)


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Thompson, who used the online alias Baudi Moovan, was featured in the Netflix series as one of the internet sleuths working unofficially to track down Magnotta.

Since appearing in the documentary in 2019, Thompson has set up the Animal Beta Project, which is described as an "Animal Justice organization."

Its purpose is to seek out individuals who have been caught on camera harming animals, as Magnotta was.

In addition to working on this project, Thompson frequents TikTok, where she has 1.5 million likes. Here, she discusses everything from the Netflix documentary to her relationship with fellow Don't F**k With Cats sleuth, John Green.

John Green

Like Thompson, Green was also featured in the series as one of the internet sleuths unofficially searching for Magnotta.

Throughout the docuseries, Green's name appears in quotation marks, suggesting that it may be a pseudonym.

For this reason, it's pretty hard to know what he's up to now. However, Thompson has revealed that the pair chat on a weekly basis and plan to attend the Austin Comic Con together in 2021.

Luka Magnotta

A jury found Magnotta guilty of multiple charges in 2014, including the first-degree murder of Jun Lin in 2012.

He is serving a life sentence in prison, where he married another incarcerated person in 2017.

While his mother, Anna Tourkin, called for his release in 2020 due to a COVID-19 outbreak at the prison, all requests for Magnotta's release were denied.