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From your bike to your backpack and even your keys — if you often misplace your stuff then Apple AirTags might come in handy.

The latest product from Apple drops April 30 and you can pre-order it now at BestBuy for $39.99. You can even get a four-pack for $129.99 you can split with your roommates or family.

These are battery-operated tags you can attach to literally anything and locate through the Find My app on your iPhone.

You're probably thinking "whoa, this sounds stalker-y" and that's a legit concern! But according to Apple, no two people can track a tag. Once paired with an Apple ID, the AirTag can't be unpaired except by the owner. It's also super smart and can notify you once it detects an unknown tag is moving with you.

During a lockdown like the one we're experiencing in Ontario, it's kind of hard to lose anything if we never leave the house. But once things are back up and running again and we're spending more time outside, you may appreciate the comfort in knowing where your wallet, purse and keys are.

Apple AirTag

Price: $39.99

Details: A small yet mighty device that lets you keep track of all your stuff, especially items you often misplace like your keys and wallet. All you have to do is make sure it's fully charged and attach it to any item you want. You can track it securely via the Find My app on your phone.

$39.99 at BEST BUY