Houston is getting an all-new interactive experience that is sure to cure you of your 2020 blues.

Seismique, a massive interactive art experience, is finally opening its doors this Saturday, December 26, and it's bringing in numerous immersive and stunning displays of art.

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40,000 sq ft.  Building size 

The technology-fueled experience will take you through 40 different galaxies (galleries) complete with aliens, artificial intelligence, gamification, and dazzling displays of sound, light, colors and natural elements.

The exhibits are brought to life by the power of over 9 million LED lights, 111 projectors and 65 incredibly talented artists and craftspeople. 

Seismique also provided a fantastic opportunity to Houston-based artists, as 12 of the 40 exhibits were reserved for Houstonians to create their own intergalactic art experiences.

The art experience offers more than just jaw-dropping immersive adventure, as you can even sign up for educational workshops for those looking for technology-driven opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Of course, Seismique is enforcing numerous precautions in order to make the experience pandemic-friendly, including mandatory mask requirements, limited capacity, temperature checks and timed ticketing.


Price: $35 per person 

Address: 2306 Highway 6 S., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: This incredible art experience is truly unlike anything you've ever seen. You'll walk through 40 different galaxies as you leave behind your 2020 blues and transport to a whole new world of art and technology.