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A Small Community In Canada Is Doing A Cash Prize Draw For Residents Who Get Vaccinated

"The vaccine is the strongest tool we have yet to fight COVID-19."

As people continue to get doses of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, a small community in Nunavut is doing a cash prize draw for residents who get a dose.

The hamlet of Arviat is opening a vaccination clinic and while it isn't mandatory, it's "the strongest tool we have yet to fight COVID-19."

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Amazon Is Changing Prime Delivery Time From 20 Days To 5 In One Canadian Region

Speedy delivery is heading north.

With delivery through Amazon Prime, Canada's north is going to see delivery timeframes shrink from 20 days down to just five days.

The tech giant just announced that Prime customers in Iqaluit, Nunavut will be able to get faster delivery times because of expanded service in Canada.

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Canada's Last Fully Intact Ice Shelf In The Arctic Just Collapsed Into The Ocean

Ice, ice, bye-bye.

Into the Arctic Ocean it goes. The Milne Ice Shelf collapse means that there are no longer any fully intact formations like this in all of Canada. Even though it's broken up now, it's still one of the only few remaining shelves on Ellesmere Island.

The Milne Ice Shelf is located on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut but it has recently been significantly reduced in size because of a breakup.

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Canada's Most Northern Inhabited Place In The Arctic Broke A 20-Year Heat Record For June

It was so close to the all-time record too.

This is some pretty hot weather for the north. Alert, Nunavut broke a heat record for the month of June. It's the most northern inhabited region in the world and is located in Canada's Arctic.

On June 28, the temperature in Alert reached 18.8 C, which beat out the previous record from 20 years earlier.

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