If you've found yourself wondering "is the census mandatory in Canada?" or "what is the census used for?" this message from the prime minister may provide some answers!

On May 11 — census day in Canada — Justin Trudeau took to social media to explain why the 2021 census is so important and how Canadians' data is used once it has been collected.

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The PM began his message by explaining that the purpose of the questionnaire is to help Statistics Canada "gather the information we need to build programs that work best for you and your family."

He added that "it is more important than ever" to collect data-driven solutions, as the federal government responds to the social and economic impacts of COVID-19.

"The 2021 census data will help us to continue to adapt to the pandemic's current and lasting impacts," he said, before urging all Canadians to fill out their questionnaires before the deadline.

Thanks to Canada's Statistics Act, all adults are legally required to complete the census. Failing to complete it could result in a penalty of up to $500 and can also be legally required by the court.