Well, folks, it's that time again where we all have to exercise our civic duty and fill out our country's census questionnaires.

If you're wondering, "why is the census important?" or what the data is used for, it's to help our government better understand how Canada has changed over the last five years and see what our society is like right now.

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According to Statistics Canada, Canada's Census of Population is the key piece of information our government relies on when looking into the socioeconomic data of certain population groups and smaller areas.

The information from the census questionnaire is actually needed by public and private sectors, which include the government and banks, for example. They use this information to make decisions that directly affect our communities, like planning specific social services.

How all of this information is used will help in a lot of different ways like ensuring Canada has equal representation of our population, setting boundaries for election regions, and determining what other languages services can be provided in.