While millions of households have responded to the questionnaire, Canada's census for 2021 still hasn't been completed by some Canadians. As a result, workers have now started knocking on doors across the country to collect data.

Statistics Canada announced that thousands of workers are now following up at homes that didn't submit the completed questionnaire; so if you didn't do your homework, someone will show up at your front door.

All of these visits are "no-contact" because of COVID-19, and no worker is allowed to go inside someone's home to collect data for the census.

If you're visited by a census enumerator, a physically distanced interview will be done outside and they'll wear a mask and constantly be sanitizing their hands.

The census is mandatory and not completing it carries a fine. Statistics Canada said that you can still get a secure access code to complete the census online by calling 1-855-340-2021 or you can get a paper questionnaire by calling 1-877-885-2021.