If you like to listen to music while you do things, the Canada census for 2021 had a bunch of playlists created for it with songs from Canadian artists so that you can listen to homegrown talent while you fill out the questionnaire.

The playlists are available on Spotify and YouTube and are meant to help you "experience the different facets of Canadian culture through the sounds of our celebrated musical talent."

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Eleven playlists were created that include songs from different genres including pop, electronic, soul, alternative, folk, country, rock, rap and hip-hop from Canadian, French-Canadian and Indigenous artists.

If it's your first time filling out the census, there are some things you need to know. It's sent out every five years to learn about the population, you'll either have to do the short or long questionnaire, and an access code will come in the mail so you can complete it online.

Adults in Canada are legally required to complete the census and not filling it out could result in fines of up to $500, so listening to the playlists might motivate you to finish it.