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Canada Is Hiring Thousands Of 2021 Census Workers & Entry Level Jobs Pay Up To $29.25/hr

There are about 32,000 jobs to fill in Canada!

If you're looking for work, there are thousands of Statistics Canada jobs up for grabs if you're interested in working on the 2021 census team. 

There are about 32,000 census enumerator and crew leader positions open across Canada and the hourly rate is pretty competitive. 

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$17.83 - $29.25 per hour For enumerators 

An enumerator is a part-time non-supervisory role that typically takes place on evenings and weekends.

Most make $17.83 per hour, plus eligible expenses and those in Northern and remote communities make $29.25 per hour.

The job entails going around your areas picking up and dropping off census questionnaires from people at their homes. Follow-ups and shipping the completed documents would also fall under your duties.

If you want something more full-time, there are crew leader positions available to apply for.

These pay more and you’d be overseeing the enumerators.

All of the positions have COVID-19 safety protocols in place to ensure employees are safe when going door to door.

If you want to work on the 2021 census in Canada you might as well get that resume ready! 

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