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Jagmeet Singh Has Advice For Canada's Graduates & It Includes Just Breathing (VIDEO)

“I know it sounds obvious, but it’s very important,” he said.
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Jagmeet Singh Has Advice For Canada's Graduates & It Includes Just Breathing (VIDEO)

While graduation ceremonies look a little different this year, Canada’s leaders are still sharing words of advice with students. In a video shared to Twitter, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh shared some words of wisdom with Canadian graduates. His advice included “lift each other up” and taking a moment to just “breathe.”

It’s been an unexpected end to the year for Canada’s graduates, and the majority of ceremonies and celebrations have been postponed and cancelled.

However, despite the unusual circumstances, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh delivered a speech to the country’s graduates, sharing some words of advice for the future.

“To help you celebrate this graduation, I want to share with you a couple of words of advice,” the NDP leader said on June 27.

Singh began by urging graduates to simply take a moment and breathe. “I know it sounds obvious,” he said, “but it’s very important.”

He went on, “In this difficult time I know it’s hard to predict the future, a lot of people are worrying about the future, we’re in uncertain times.”

However, he asked graduates to continue to “take chances,” despite the uncertainty.

Joking about his grey beard, Singh said, “When you get older and you look back on life, you don’t really think about the chances you took that didn’t work out.”

He continued, “But you really regret the opportunities that you didn’t take. So take chances!”

Singh’s third and final piece of advice was to “take care of one another.”

“I think this crisis has shown us all how connected we are, how we are all in this together, we are all one,” he said.

“It’s only when we really look beyond ourselves, and lift the people up around us, that we live a life that feels rewarding,” he concluded.

The prime minister also shared a commencement speech with Canada’s graduates earlier this month.

During his message, Trudeau gushed about millennials for 10 minutes straight, praising a generation that is "smart, skilled, creative and ambitious.”

"I cannot think of a generation better prepared to set us on the right path forward," he said.

Since the 2019 election campaign, Jagmeet Singh has been using social media to speak directly to young people.

He’s gone viral on Tik Tok on several occasions, and has amassed thousands of social media followers thanks to his baking videos and DMs with Rihanna.

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