Jagmeet Singh Hilariously Messed Up During An Instagram Story About Snow But Laughed It Off

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Jagmeet Singh Hilariously Messed Up During His Instagram Story About Snow An Laughed It Off

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was out enjoying a recent snowfall, but he had a hilarious slip-up while posting about it.

During an Instagram story that he shared on December 22, Singh was outside standing on a sidewalk in a neighbourhood as it snowed and commented on the weather in full meteorologist mode.

"It's a lovely day, got some nice snow falling down in a sideways pattern," he said.

"It's quite lovely," Singh continued as the snow was falling around him, getting caught in his beard and on his clothes.

Then, the impromptu weather report started to go a little sideways (but hilariously so).

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"It's got a nice sun, it's got a nice sun out there," Singh said and then started laughing.

He looked down and shook his head at his slip-up but then looked back at the camera to end the video on a sweet note.

"Just wanted to say hi, hope you're all doing well," he said before the clip cut off.

Singh seems to be pretty fond of the snow. Earlier this year, he posted a photo of himself out enjoying the fresh powder with a big smile on his face and a video of him skating along an ice trail.

However, it looks like he doesn't enjoy getting a dusting of snow when it should feel like spring outside if an Instagram story he posted in March 2020 is anything to go by!

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