When it comes to U.S. President Donald Trump, Jagmeet Singh isn’t afraid to get serious!

On Wednesday night, the NDP leader responded to the news that Trump had been impeached for the second time in his four-year presidency.

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Taking to Instagram, the party leader shared a throwback video of himself in September 2019, filmed shortly before Canada’s federal election.

In the clip, a reporter asks Singh whether he should be “joking” about impeaching the U.S. President while running to become Canada’s prime minister.

He simply responds by saying, “I wasn’t joking.”

Sharing the video again in 2021, he wrote, “Over 1 year and 2 impeachments later, and … I’m still not joking.”

The NDP leader hasn’t been afraid to take on Donald Trump and has called out the American leader on multiple occasions in the past.

Following the U.S. Capitol riots on January 6, Singh said the violence was “incited” by Trump. 

Prior to the presidential election in 2020, Singh said it would be “better for the world” if Trump lost and urged Americans to “VOTE HIM OUT.”