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Jagmeet Singh Just Released An Hour-Long Tutorial For His Iconic Punjabi Poutine

It's like a Food Network show!
Jagmeet Singh's Punjabi Poutine Tutorial Video Lets You Cook With Him
Senior Creator

There's now a tutorial video for Jagmeet Singh's Punjabi poutine recipe that's an hour long and you can cook with him.

He hopped on an Instagram Live to make the dish and went through every step including prepping the potatoes, cooking the gravy and plating the food.

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Singh makes it with sweet potatoes, gravy that has tomatoes and lots of spices, and cheese curds and green onions on top as a garnish.

Fair warning, this tutorial is almost entirely in French so if you're going to cook along with him, you can learn a new dish and brush up on your French skills all at once.

He originally shared his poutine recipe for Thanksgiving in 2019 which led to people making it themselves and they loved it.

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