Joe Biden's Peloton Is Raising Security Risks At The White House

He might have to find a new workout routine. 💪
Joe Biden's Peloton Is Raising Security Risks At The White House

The day has come for President-Elect Joe Biden to move into the White House and begin his four-year term.

But he might have to leave some of his normal life behind, as it turns out his Peloton exercise bike is raising significant security concerns at the White House.

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I have a treadmill and a Peloton bike and some weights. And I try to work out every morning for me. Joe Biden

The Peloton might actually be a little too high-tech for the presidential home, as the internet-connected device features a microphone that could potentially be hacked according to Yahoo!life.

Joe Biden talked about using his Peloton just about every morning in order to keep focused at work for the day on his podcast "Here's The Deal," but he may have to find a new workout plan when he takes over the White House.

Some on Twitter lost it when they found out the president-elect's risky workout bike, as they are now considering to be his first presidential scandal.

While others simply just want to know his username so they can get a closer look into his workout routine.

Some even joked around with the supposed hacking possibilities the bike could offer if it entered the White House.

Biden has not provided any comments on the Peloton situation.

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