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After an absolutely scorching June, you might not want to put away your fans or turn off that air conditioning just yet. According to The Weather Network's July forecast, the last half of the month is going to bring the heat back for some parts of the country.

"As we look ahead to the second half of July, we expect that above normal temperatures will dominate once again across most of southern Canada," The Weather Network wrote.

July Forecast Shows That Parts Of Canada Are In For More Scorching Heat SoonThe Weather Network

It looks like Western Canada will be getting hit the hardest, with hot weather dominating the Prairies and "very warm and dry" weather coming through British Columbia. In both regions, wildfires and smoke are a big concern in July and August.

In Atlantic Canada, it is expected to be warm and humid with some storms. In Ontario and Quebec, there will be consistent heat in late July and occasional storms.

In the North, temperatures will be near normal, but there is a concern for smoke and wildfires, as well.

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