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After an absolutely scorching June, you might not want to put away your fans or turn off that air conditioning just yet. According to The Weather Network's July forecast, the last half of the month is going to bring the heat back for some parts of the country.

"As we look ahead to the second half of July, we expect that above normal temperatures will dominate once again across most of southern Canada," The Weather Network wrote.

July Forecast Shows That Parts Of Canada Are In For More Scorching Heat Soon The Weather Network

It looks like Western Canada will be getting hit the hardest, with hot weather dominating the Prairies and "very warm and dry" weather coming through British Columbia. In both regions, wildfires and smoke are a big concern in July and August.

In Atlantic Canada, it is expected to be warm and humid with some storms. In Ontario and Quebec, there will be consistent heat in late July and occasional storms.

In the North, temperatures will be near normal, but there is a concern for smoke and wildfires, as well.

Brace yourselves! There's a new Canada winter forecast and it looks like most of the country is in for a pretty frigid, snowy season.

According to AccuWeather's new forecast for the season, frosty conditions are expected to make a big return from B.C. all the way to Quebec because of weather phenomenon La Niña but Atlantic Canada could be spared from the worst of it.

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The Prairies ended the holiday weekend with snow and rain in some areas, and it looks like they should brace for even more of it this week.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), "a developing Colorado low threatens more early season snowfall, though accumulations will be very temperature dependent."

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A slew of wet and windy weather is continuing to make its way across some of Canada's Atlantic provinces this Thanksgiving weekend, with Newfoundland getting hit particularly hard.

The Thanksgiving weekend has gotten off to a blustery start in parts of the province, with The Weather Network (TWN) confirming wind gusts reached higher than 100 km/h in the region on Saturday, October 10.

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It might be the Thanksgiving long weekend but that isn't stopping the weather from turning wintery in B.C. and Alberta, with snow and freezing temperatures on the way.

The Weather Network has forecast that a "drastic" pattern shift will cause temperatures to plummet on Sunday, even dropping below the freezing mark overnight, which will combine with a system to bring the first snowflakes of the season to many parts of the region.

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