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Well, this is a surprise we weren't expecting. Northwestern parts of the province have had a pretty big hit of June snow in Ontario in the last couple of days. In particular, residents in Pickle Lake, Ont. residents were shocked to see the return of the fluffy white stuff.

June is starting to look more like January at this point, at least for northwestern Ontario.

While southern parts of the province and the GTA were getting real-feel heat of nearly 40C earlier this week, things were snow joke further north.

According to tbnewswatch, Pickle Lake saw about 10 centimetres of snow on Thursday morning.

While Pickle Lake is very north, around 500km north of Thunder Bay by road, this kind of snow dump is still apparently pretty rare. 

Weather-ca notes that in the typical June, the area normally sees temperatures ranging from around 10C to 21C. Snow in June is not unheard of, but this kind of reported 10cm dump is not common.

“It is quite unusual to get snow in June,” said Jamie Hussey, clerk-treasurer of Pickle Lake, via tbnewswatch.

“It has definitely happened before. I’ve heard from a lot of people who lived here for a very long time that this is probably the most they have seen in June for a long time.”

Judging from the photos, it's snow joke.

It was so heavy that snowplows made a return onto the street and a few trees were down in some parts because of the heavy snow.

Truly, it looks like a scene from winter. Although, it was only one month ago on May 11 that snow was falling in southern Ontario, too.

It's certainly been a strange year.

Meanwhile, The Weather Network shared a video of snow, albeit somewhat less, on the ground in Longlac, Ont., which is significantly south of Pickle Lake.

“It’s not really a great feeling when everyone was wearing shorts a week ago and it was beautiful 20-degree weather and fishing and then looking outside and wondering if we should fire up the skidoo or take the car to work,” added Hussey via tbnewswatch.

Although some areas were hit harder than others, it seems safe to say that this winter weather is probably not something residents wanted to see in the second week of June.

Canada, eh?

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