'Jurassic World' Exhibitions Are Coming To Canada & You'll Be Faced With Life-Size Dinosaurs

You'll feel like you're in the 'Jurassic World' movies! 🦖

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The Jurassic World Live Tour. Right: A dinosaur at Jurassic World: The Exhibition.

The Jurassic World Live Tour. Right: A dinosaur at Jurassic World: The Exhibition.

Courtesy of Feld Entertainment, CNW Group/Jurassic World: The Exhibition

Calling all Jurassic Park fans! Jurassic World exhibitions are coming to Canada, bringing with them epic adventures that will have you feeling like you're a part of the herd.

Life-size dinosaurs will be roaring into multiple cities in Canada, and if you've always thought you have what it takes to survive the Jurassic era, you'll be able to put your skills to the test.

The Jurassic World Live Tour is making multiple stops in the country this summer, bringing animatronic dinosaurs that look so realistic you'll be convinced they're alive.

According to organizers, the live show will feature an original storyline that's different from that of the Jurassic World movies and fills the audience in on the circumstances of the island, Isla Nublar.

It will include some of the most iconic Jurassic World dinosaurs, like a mighty 40-foot-long T. rex, Blue the Raptor, Triceratops, Pteranodons and Baby Stegosaurus.

The Jurassic World Live Tour.The Jurassic World Live Tour.Courtesy of Feld Entertainment

The show promises "unparalleled production quality," and "thrilling acrobatic stunts" that will likely keep you on the edge of your seat.

The iconic dinosaurs combined with the legendary Jurassic World soundtrack will transport you right into the world of the movie, and you'll even see some gyrospheres rolling through.

The show will be kicking off in Canada in Vancouver at the Pacific Coliseum from May 19-28, later stopping in Montreal from September 8-10 at the Bell Centre, and moving on to Hamilton, Ontario, at the FirstOntario Centre from September 22-24.

Its final Canadian show will be in Quebec City at the Videotron Centre from September 28 to October 1, 2023.

But the adventure doesn't end there.

Another Jurassic World exhibit will be appearing near Toronto for fans who want to roam with the dinos.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition will be opening in Mississauga on April 14, 2023, promising to be the "closest Canadians will ever come to dinosaurs."

The immersive 20,000-square-foot experience based on the movies will allow guests to walk through the iconic "Jurassic World" gates, and encounter life-sized Velociraptors, a Brachiosaurus, and, of course, T. rex.

A dinosaur at Jurassic World: The Exhibition.A dinosaur at Jurassic World: The Exhibition.CNW Group/Jurassic World: The Exhibition

You'll be able to imagine what it would have been like to roam among the huge creatures millions of years ago, and even get to interact with baby dinosaurs.

The large-than-life attraction is coming to Square One Shopping Centre for a limited time, with tickets on sale now.

'Jurassic World' exhibits in Canada

The Jurassic World Live Tour.

The Jurassic World Live Tour.

Courtesy of Feld Entertainment

When: Multiple dates and locations in Canada

Why You Need To Go: Dinosaurs are roaring into cities across Canada in multiple immersive experiences that'll take you right back in time.

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