Justin Trudeau Just Got His Flu Shot & He's Pushing Other Canadians To Do The Same

And we even got a flash of JT's tattoo!

Justin Trudeau Just Got His Flu Shot & He's Pushing Other Canadians To Do The Same

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been pictured receiving another dose of a vaccine, but this time it isn't for COVID-19.

Instead, the PM received his flu shot on Friday, November 5, while encouraging other Canadians to do the same ahead of the winter.

Trudeau also used a For Jude, For Everyone hashtag, referencing an advocacy group started in 2016 to promote awareness about getting the flu vaccine and reminding Canadians about the disease's deadly consequences.

Trudeau also wrote that Canadians can check out the official government website for more info on where to go to get a dose for themselves.

In receiving his flu shot, the PM flashed his rarely seen tattoo, which was also seen when Trudeau received his COVID-19 vaccine doses. The tattoo is based off the work of Haida artist Robert Davidson, who told Maclean's in 2016 that he was "disappointed" in the prime minister.

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