Do you need an excuse to look at his bicep? Justin Trudeau's tattoo has come into the spotlight recently and he's shown it off a bunch of times before. It doesn't happen often but when it does, people take notice.

Trudeau explained back in 2012 that his tattoo is Earth inside a Haida raven.

He got the globe first when he was 23 and then the raven which is designed by Robert Davidson for his 40th birthday.

There are some mixed feelings about the Prime Minister's ink with some being proud that Haida art was used and others being offended and accusing him of cultural appropriation. 

It isn't common to see Trudeau's tat because he doesn't show it much in public since he mostly wears suits in his role as Prime Minister.

However, he has shown off the art a couple of times and here are the photos to prove it.

Editor's Choice: Justin Trudeau Showed Off His Tattoo While Getting A Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot

After a while of no tattoo sightings, Trudeau showed off his ink in an Instagram story he posted of him getting a flu shot this year.

Jogging shirtless

In 2018, he went jogging in Toronto and because he was shirtless, his ink was on full display.

At a charity boxing match

Back when Trudeau was only an MP and not Prime Minister, he took part in a charity boxing match against a Conservative Senator. Since he was wearing a tank top, you could see his tattoo the whole time.

During a pre-match photoshoot

Before he got in the ring in 2012, Trudeau posed shirtless during a photoshoot for the match. With both his arms up in a fighting position, the art is visible.

Training at a gym

In 2016, the Prime Minister joined a training session at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, NY and there are lots of photos of him and his exposed bicep in the ring.

Out and about in Vietnam

While visiting Vietnam in 2017, Trudeau went out for an evening run while wearing a tank top. So, people not only saw the Prime Minister exercising but caught a glimpse of his tattoo as well.

Working out in Winnipeg

While he was running to become the leader of the federal Liberals, Trudeau got in a Friday night workout at a boxing club in Winnipeg and gave everyone a view of his raven.