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A Man In BC Got Hit With $3k Of Fines For Having 9 People Over & Being 'Belligerent'

He was also arrested for obstructing police officers when they tried to break it up. 😳
A Man In BC Got Hit With $3k Of Fines For Having 9 People Over & Being 'Belligerent'

As the province continued to crack down on B.C. gathering limits, local RCMP has been tasked with enforcing the new measures. 

According to Kamloops This Week, a man was hosting a card game with 9 guests that lead to just under $3,000 in fines.

The events took place on Friday, November 20, just following new cross-province restrictions that ban gathering with people from outside your household.

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It is disheartening when our police officers have to attend such gatherings, putting themselves at risk of catching COVID-19 and bringing it home to their families when it can be avoided. Kamloops RCMP Supt. Syd Lecky

Apparently, the 37-year-old host was unruly when police arrived and his uncooperative nature led to his eventual arrest.

Kelowna Now details to man’s charges. He was charged $2,300 for breaking the gathering orders, $230 for failing to comply with police direction, $230 for promoting the non-compliant gathering, and another $230 for belligerent behaviour.

"The uncooperative nature of the homeowner just makes this even more troublesome. Our priority is to educate people to change their behaviour for the safety of everyone," said Superintendent Lecky. 

This is just days after a similar scene unfolded in Saanich

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