Joe Biden Wants To Cancel The Keystone XL Pipeline & Alberta's Premier Is Not Having It

Kenney just made a statement telling Biden to "show respect for Canada."
Keystone XL Pipeline: Biden Wants To Cancel The Pipeline & Kenney Is Not Having It

Reports have emerged stating that the U.S. president-elect, Joe Biden, plans to cancel the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline and Alberta's premier has issued a stern response. 

According to CBC News, Biden wants to rescind the Keystone XL pipeline permit on the first day of his presidency.

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I am deeply concerned by reports that the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden may repeal the Presidential permit for the Keystone XL border crossing next week. Jason Kenney

Kenney's statement continues to say that this action will "kill jobs on both sides of the border, weaken the critically important Canada-US relationship, and undermine US national security by making the United States more dependent on the OPEC oil imports in the future." 

The proposed pipeline is intended to run from Alberta to the U.S., entering in Montana. 

Alberta's premier said that building the Keystone XL is "top of the agenda" for Canada, claiming that Justin Trudeau raised the issue with Biden back in November. 

Apparently, the two came to an agreement to "engage on key issues," including the pipeline. 

"We renew our call on the incoming administration to show respect for Canada as the United States' most important trading partner and strategic ally by keeping that commitment to engage," wrote Kenney. 

Biden has said that he plans to reverse a bunch of Trump's policies the second he becomes president. The pipeline falls under that umbrella. 

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