KFC Went After The New McDonald's Big Mac & Started A Canadian Fried Chicken Sandwich War

We're lovin' it.

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McDonald's Canada's Chicken Big Mac. Right: A KFC sign in Toronto.

McDonald's Canada's Chicken Big Mac. Right: A KFC sign in Toronto.

Brace yourselves folks, because a battle has begun between two of Canada's biggest fast-food giants.

McDonald's Canada fans are probably already aware that the brand released its highly-anticipated Chicken Big Mac earlier this week, and the big moment didn't go unnoticed by its competitors.

Just one day after the launch of the new Chicken Big Mac, KFC Canada posted a picture of a burger that's, well, more than a little similar.

It featured all the same components: three buns, pickles, lettuce and cheese. But, instead of McDonald's' light crisp patties, this picture had the fried chicken that KFC is so famous for.

"Here, we fixed it," the caption for the post read, with a cheeky wink and the hashtag #BetterWithKFC.

The company even went as far as to tag McDonald's in the post. Ouch!

The picture got plenty of reaction on social media, including a message from Harvey's which simply said, "ngl… bravo admin."

And, naturally, Mcdonald's Canada isn't taking this lying down.

"No need to fix something that is perfect bestie," they responded on Twitter.

KFC Canada immediately responded to suggest a "taste test."

KFC even cheekily shared its response with the question, "Am I the drama?"

And it looks like some might be up for the tasting challenge, with one Canadian sharing a picture of the new Chicken Big Mac along with an improvised KFC version.

To clarify, KFC doesn't currently offer a product exactly like the McDonald's Chicken Big Mac, nor is this an announcement of the launch of such a product.

The whole thing seems to simply be a stunt to remind customers that KFC takes its fried chicken seriously.

The battle of the fast-food chains doesn't end there, though.

According to some reports, KFC is ramping things up by hiring ad trucks to drive past some McDonald's locations and has also purchased a billboard on the Gardiner Expressway to advertise their KFC chicken burger.

Mcdonald's hasn't gotten back on this latest affront, but hopefully, they will continue to bite back in this chicken war.

And, while they're at it, KFC can also look at bringing their limited-edition Double Down burger to Canada. Because, obviously, the best solution to this battle is more fried chicken sandwiches for all.

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