Tennessee Tattoo Artist Is Offering Free Cover Ups Of Racist Tattoos

Citizens in the U.S. and other countries have been pushing for racial equality and an end to police brutality across multiple platforms. Some have been posting on social media, others signing petitions, and many even gathering for protests in their own cities. One Tennessee tattoo artist is doing her part to make a difference.

Jenni Rivera is a tattoo artist at The Tattooed Lady in Maryville, Tennessee. She loves to create bold, colorful pieces, and now she's adding cover-ups of hateful messages to her resume.

Rivera announced that she'll be covering up racist tattoos completely free, and so far she says the response has been incredible. Since this morning, June 10, she's already heard from around 30 to 40 people looking to get a cover-up.

"I started this because it's alarming to me that so many people have these tattoos that are hurting people or causing shame and embarrassment," she told Narcity.

"I am a tattoo artist and I like making things pretty. So I just thought it would be nice to make some ugly into some pretty."

You'll have to put a little faith in her hands if you have a design that you or others may consider racist that you want visibly erased from your skin.

In order to make sure the unwanted pieces get full-coverage, Rivera said that she needs complete creative control of the tattoo's design.

On the tattoo shop's website, the artist's bio states that she loves to do geometric, mandala, traditional, neotraditional, fine line, and bright color designs. It also shows off a number of her completed works, with more pieces on her Instagram page.

Those wanting to get a cover-up done can text Jenni Rivera at 865-361-1513 with your name, as well as a photo of the tattoo you want to cover.