Krispy Kreme Has Halloween Donuts In Canada Again For A Limited Time Only

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Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts In Canada Are Here With Classic Spooky Creatures
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Sweet but scary! These new Krispy Kreme Halloween donuts in Canada are available now and there are ones that look like classic spooky creatures.

To celebrate the season of tricks and treats, Krispy Kreme Canada has unveiled five specialty donuts just for Halloween.

Three of this year's tasty treats are creatures you probably know.

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Wolfie is an original glazed donut dipped in chocolate icing and decorated to look like a werewolf with chocolate kreme.

It has a scary-looking sugar piece face and cinnamon sugar cereal ears.

Frank is a donut filled with original kreme.

He's dipped in green icing and decorated like Frankenstein's monster with icing, sprinkles and pretzel bolts.

Finally, there's Drake and no, not that Drake. He's a tasty version of Dracula.

This donut has raspberry filling which looks like blood when you bite into it and has sugar piece eyes and icing fangs.

Krispy Kreme also two less scary treats to munch on.

There's the spooky drizzle donut which is an original glaze with a layer of orange icing on top along with green and black drizzles and the Halloween sprinkles donut which is also an original but with chocolate icing and orange, green, black and purple sprinkles.

In B.C., you can get a dozen scary creature donuts for $1 when you buy any dozen every Saturday until Halloween.

If spooky treats aren't your thing, Tim Hortons is offering free donuts of your choosing all Thanksgiving weekend.

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