A Real Estate Agent Checked The 'Selling Sunset' Cast's Sale Record & Here's Who Is 'Legit'

She found how many houses they sold and what they were worth. 💰

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The cast of 'Selling Sunset.'

The cast of 'Selling Sunset.'

Netflix's popular show Selling Sunset is not only about the cast selling homes but also juicy storylines. While viewers follow the trials and tribulations of what it's like to be a luxurious California realtor, the number one question for reality TV still stands, how 'legit' is it?

One Los Angeles real estate agent on TikTok, Michelle Knutson (@michelleknutson), shared her intel with her access to the area's MLS system. She is able to see how many homes each person sold, how much the listings were and what brokerage they are affiliated with.


How many houses these agents have actually sold from a current CA real estate agent ✌🏻 #sellingsunset #sellingsunsetnetflix #sellingsunsetnewseason

However, Narcity double-checked some of that information, as the public has access to see some of it on Zillow.

So, Knutson researched each cast member to see who has been doing it for the job and who has been doing it to thicken the plot.

Mary Bonnet (Fitzgerald)

According to Zillow, Mary Bonnet (Fitzgerald) has been in the real estate business for 15 years. She sold two homes just this year, representing the seller for one and the buyer for another.

One home sold in March was $902,000 and the second home sold in May was $410,000. Her last big sale was in July 2022. The property sold for $35 million.

"She's the one agent I actually heard of being a real estate agent in L.A., myself before the show happened," Knutson said.

Heather Rae Young El Moussa

Heather is a bit trickier to find on Zillow, however, Knutson was able to search for her on the MLS system and saw that she was involved in a sale for one home over the last year.

That home was an $18 million sale.

El Moussa recently had a baby in February.

Chrishell Stause

Knutson says Chrishell Stause sold two houses in the last year. Her profile on Zillow, however only dates as far back as the homes she sold in 2021.

The TikToker doesn't reveal the prices of the homes she can see on her MLS system, however, in August of 2021, she represented a buyer in a $4.8 million sale.

Emma Hernan

Emma Hernan has been on the show since season 4.

"Emma has sold two houses in the last year," the creator reveals. "It's the first agent I'm actually seeing active listings on in the search. One of which is the St. Ives place that is on the show itself."

That property is worth $7,245,000.

Davina Potratz

"Davina is no longer listed on the Oppenheim Group roster on our MLS," Knutson said.

She is still listed as such on Zillow, and she is still listed on the Oppenheim Group as an agent. So, it's interesting that it's not showing up for Knutson on the MLS system as such.

Her sales on Zillow only date back to 2021, so there are no recent updates on the public listing website.

Amanza Smith

Knutson said she thinks the storyline on the show is that Amanza Smith is now just an interior designer.

"That's aligned with what I'm seeing now and have always seen when I've checked this. She's not DRE [Department of Real Estate] registered. She's not an active real estate agent in the state of California from what I can tell," the TikToker said.

On the Oppenheim Group's website, it says that Smith's title is "Real Estate Associate/Interior Design Specialist."

Chelsea Lazkani

According to the Realtor on TikTok, Chelsea Lazkani has sold one house in the last year.

The listing Knutson found was in Manhattan Beach, which you can find on Zillow, as well. The property was sold for $3.9 million.

Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi is a new cast member who happens to also be one of the mothers of Nick Cannon's children.

"I don't know if the show explains this, but I'm not seeing any residential inventory for her in the California MLS, so I don't if she came from a different state, but from what I can see, she's not sold or has any active listings in, at least, my section of California," Knutson said.

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