The World's Largest Outdoor Bookstore Is In The US & It's A Literary Oasis (PHOTOS)

You can get lost for hours in a maze of 130,000 new and used books 😍
The World's Largest Outdoor Bookstore Is In The US & It's A Literary Oasis (PHOTOS)
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Attention all bibliophiles: If you want to take a break from reading on your couch, you'll want to put the world's largest outdoor bookstore on your bucket list. 

Situated in a pristine valley surrounded by forests and mountains just a 90-minute drive north of Los Angeles, Bart's Books holds the title and it's a book lover's paradise.

Step "inside" and you'll be greeted by several outdoor bookshelves spilling over with greenery, hand-painted signs and a few well-placed palm trees for shade.

Adding to its already obvious character and charm — the bookstore is set against a serene backdrop of rolling hills and endless sky — Bart's Books follows a simple "honor system" when it comes to buying many of its paperbacks and hardcovers.

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Over 130,000 Used and new books

Bookworms can spend hours getting lost in the maze of shelves that hold over 130,000 new and used books, choose whatever they like and leave some money in the coffee cans on top of the bookshelves.

Bart's "honor system" currently applies to the 35 cent specials that line the outside walls, but venture further into this dreamy library labyrinth and you'll find everything from brand new reads and rare, out of print first editions to art books valued in the thousands of dollars.

Most of the used books in the store come from book trades and donations and include everything from romance to sci-fi.

And don't worry if you visit on a rainy day, tin roofing covers the aisles of books and a partially covered outdoor patio awaits with chairs and plenty of greenery.

Take a seat in the sunny courtyard, chat with the book-loving staff or take a short story with you to read under one of the many surrounding palm trees.

In a world of e-readers, chain stores and online shopping, there's something magical about stepping foot inside a real bookstore, and Bart's Books offers something truly special.

Jennifer Browne
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