Live comedy is back in Los Angeles, but you're going to need a car to attend.

Like many other COVID-friendly things going on across the city, this comedy show is a drive-in experience, at The Rose Bowl Drive-In in Pasadena.

The Saturday night show is sold out, but you can buy tickets now for the matinée show.

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1 day only to experience Hannibal Buress and Thundercat performing together, in the Rose Bowl parking lot

You'll have to wear a mask at the event and be in your car, in some way — either inside of it, on top of it, inside of a truck bed, or...while sitting inside of your trunk.

Tickets are currently on sale and priced by the number of people in your vehicle, in groups of two, three, and four.

Additional people can be added to your car for $45 per person.

Thundercat is also performing at the event. 

Thundercat & Hannibal Buress @ The Rose Bowl Drive-In

Price: Starting at $44 per person

When: Saturday, October 24, 2020

Address: 1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Pasadena, CA 91103

Why You Need To Go: It is literally the one time you will ever be able to see Hannibal and Thundercat perform together, from your car, in a parking lot

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