'Love Is Blind' Stars Kyle & Deepti Updated Their Relationship Status After The Big Reunion

Love is a battlefield 🥲

Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati from "Love Is Blind."
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Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati from "Love Is Blind."

Netflix's Love Is Blind season 2 reunion might've been a slow-motion trainwreck for most of the contestants, but Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati were our one last chance at a happy ending.

The show ended on a high note with the two deciding to go from "more than friends" to a full romantic relationship. However, it seems the season 2 curse has caught up with them, as they recently revealed that they are no longer dating.

Abrams made the announcement on Instagram Monday, less than a week after Netflix released its three-episode After The Altar special which ended with them together.

"Since After The Altar was filmed, we had decided to go our separate ways in early summer," Abrams wrote on Instagram late Monday. "I have since embarked on a new relationship which I intend to keep private for a bit. As for what the future holds, I have not a clue."

Vempati hadn't posted any kind of statement as of Tuesday morning, but she did just release a tell-all book about her experience called I Choose Myself. The title echoes the words she used when she rejected Shake Chatterjee at the altar in the season 2 finale.

She also recently shared photos and videos of herself with Abrams during the reunion, so it seems things aren't bitter between them.

The whole Kyle-Deepti saga began with the original season 2 cast reunion, when Abrams admitted that he should've proposed to Vempati instead of Shaina Hurley, whom he did not end up marrying.

Vempati was the big hero of season 2 after rejecting Chatterjee, who often criticized her looks behind her back on the show.

Fans were into the Kyle-Deepti pairing from Day 1, and the duo often teased a relationship online by sharing photos of themselves together.

However, as the After The Altar reunion revealed, the two were in more of a "situationship," with both of them afraid to get romantic. That seemingly changed in the last episode when they declared that they'd give it a try.

With their breakup, that makes three relationships that have ended since Netflix shot that reunion.

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely announced they had split up late last month, although that seemed to be a long time coming. In the reunion, for instance, they were already living separately and trying to grapple with Jones' need to party every night.

The other married couple, Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl, apparently kept their issues to themselves in the reunion, although they ended up filing for divorce in the same week as Jones and McNeely.

It seems that love was not blind in season 2 — although after all these breakups, you could say that love is a battlefield.

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