9 'Love Is Blind' Questions We Want Answered In The Chaotic Season 2 Reunion On Netflix

We need the tea on the divorces!

Deepti Vempati of "Love Is Blind." Middle: Shaina Hurley and Shayne Jansen. Right: Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl.
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Deepti Vempati of "Love Is Blind." Middle: Shaina Hurley and Shayne Jansen. Right: Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl.

Netflix is bringing the Love Is Blind season 2 cast back for a reunion special to catch up on all the drama we've missed, and we have so many questions heading into it.

We know there've been breakups, social media battles and maybe even a new romance since the show dropped in February, and it's about time we got the tea on the divorces and everything that's happened since.

Here are the 9 burning questions we hope to get answers to when Netflix's After The Altar Special drops on September 16.

1. Why did Jarrette & Iyanna break up?

Being someone’s second choice, no matter the reason, never feels good. And Iyanna McNeely went into her marriage with Jarrette Jones knowing full well she was his No. 2.

So while the two worked hard on their relationship and did seem to have some chemistry and connection, it seems there were some things they couldn't just get over..

The couple announced their divorce in August and they've been pretty tight-lipped about it ever since, so we're very curious to find out what might have been the breaking point.

We're hoping After The Altar will confirm our suspicions and fill in the gaps.

2. Why did Nick & Danielle split?

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl were a bit of a surprise when they said "I do" in the season final. Their communication seemed to be a constant miss on the show, and Nick would often describe Danielle's blowups as being "hit by a freight train." He said it was hard to predict what would make her upset, and he (and the audience) was often playing catchup with her mood.

While we don't know the specifics of their split, we do know they broke up around the same time as Jarrette and Iyanna (publicly, anyway).

So what did it? We need After The Altar to answer that question.

3. What did Natalie & Shayne fight about before their breakup?

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen certainly seemed ready to get married right up until the day of, when things really fell apart.

They apparently had a huge fight on the night before their wedding that the cameras missed. That ended up souring things on the big day and we're still dying to know: what happened?

We all saw Shayne bouncing between Natalie and Shaina Hurley right up until the end of the pod part of the experiment, and the show hinted that there might have been more going on after the engagement.

Did she have something to do with how things ended with Natalie?

4. Did Shayne & Shaina ever date?

As we mentioned, there was plenty of Shayne/Shaina/Natalie drama on the show, and we know Natalie didn't end up with Shayne. But did he and Shaina ever give it a try?

If there's any "there" there, we hope they'll address it in the After The Altar special. We also have a hint about where Shaina winds up, as she got married to someone else earlier this year.

5. Are Kyle & Deepti together?

Love Is Blind fans have had their eyes on Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati since the show’s reunion finale when he confessed that he should’ve chosen her.

But are they making it work now?

It’s not uncommon to see some lingering sparks between contestants who connected in the pods but didn’t quite make it to the “I do.” And let’s be real: neither Kyle nor Deepti got what they wanted out of their chosen partners. Kyle even chastised Shake for having a wonderful opportunity with Deepti and blowing it. Although, truthfully, does anyone need more reasons to chastise Shake? What a mess.

So did Kyle and Deepti give it a shot after the show ended? And are they still our last shot at a happily ever after with this season?

6. How much will the show catch us up?

Social media blew up in early August with the Love Is Blind season 2 cast hanging out at Lollapalooza in Chicago, which is where the latest season was filmed.

Several members of the cast were spotted hanging out together at the festival, so it seems that the show launched some good friendships, even if the romantic relationships didn't survive.

So will the reunion take us right up until this summer event, or will we still be trying to catch up on what these guys are up to? We can’t wait to find out!

7. Did Netflix have a say in when the divorces were announced?

With the Jarrette/Iyanna and Nick/Danielle divorces announced literally back to back – and just before the reunion announcement dropped – it's hard not to be suspicious.

It can be easy to forget between all the romance, rings, and weddings, but at the end of the day Love Is Blind is a TV show. That means producers, ratings, and publicity can all play a role in a couple’s story – or at least how it is presented.

So will Netflix reveal what truly caused the couple’s back-to-back divorce announcement? Was it just a coincidence, or were they asked to keep things quiet until a certain moment?

8. What happened to the matches we didn't see in the show?

There were actually two other couples who got engaged in the pods but were cut from the rest of Love Is Blind season 2. So we are dying to know: where are they now? Did they make it without the cameras following them around? And will we get to see them in the reunion at all?

9. Did the single cast members ever find love?

The only two marriages from season 2 ended in divorce, so it's easy to declare the Love Is Blind experiment a failure this time around.

But what happened afterward? How many of these contestants went on to find love with someone else? Because we can't imagine what it would be like to date after giving the world a preview of "relationship you" through a reality TV show.

Netflix's Love Is Blind: After The Altar special premieres on Netflix on Friday, September 16.

We'll see you there!

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