Kyle's Biggest 'Love Is Blind' Regret Was Deepti & His TikToks Are Teasing A Second Chance

That reunion was 🤯

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Left: Kyle Abrams. Right: Deepti Vempati

Left: Kyle Abrams. Right: Deepti Vempati

Courtesy: Netflix

There were plenty of dramatic moments in the Season 2 Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix, but one of the biggest surprises was Kyle Abrams admitting that he should have proposed to Deepti Vempati.

Abrams admitted during the reunion special that he made the wrong choice in proposing to Shaina Hurley, who ultimately broke up with him shortly after their blind dates ended and they met in person.

Instead, Abrams said he should have proposed to Vempati, who became one of the heroes of the show when she dumped her trash-talking fiance Shake Chatterjee in the finale.

"[My] biggest regret is I should have asked Deepti to marry me. I love her so much. She's the best," Abrams said during the reunion special, which dropped last Friday. Deepti smiled back at that comment, sparking a bunch of speculation that the two might become a couple.

While nobody from the cast or production has confirmed that the two are now an item, Abrams has been stoking the rumors with his social media accounts.

Abrams and Vempati keep appearing together on social media posts, including a video that Abrams uploaded on his Tiktok accountshortly after the reunion special aired.


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Deepti recently told Elite Daily that the two are "trying to figure out" where they stand, and she confirmed that the spark between them did start on the show, where they had several sight-unseen dates.

"I was really struggling to pick between Shake and Kyle,” she told the outlet.

Meanwhile, the two have been spotted at reunions and events with other cast members, and Kyle continues to post videos that pose the question: "Are they together?"


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People online are trying to figure out what is actually going on with the pair, though they're also just relieved that Shake and Deepti didn't end up together.

"Good for you guys! Deeps deserve way better than shake!" said @adam_goen on TikTok.

"When you said you should’ve proposed to her instead in the reunion, I SCREAAAAAMED," said @savannahbatac in the comments.

"NOW KYLE you can't leave us hanging like this," said @laurenashleybeck, hinting at the other teasers he has been posting.

Only two couples ended up going all the way and getting married on the show. But will Deepti and Kyle be the first ones ever to pair up after getting engaged to other people?

Either way, we need to see the Kyle/Deepti convos that Netflix didn't show in Season 2!

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