Natalie From 'Love Is Blind' Says There Was More Shayne-Shaina Drama After The Beach Scene

"She denied saying most of the things that she actually did say."

Natalie Lee in Love Is Blind. Right: Shayne Jansen and Shaina Hurley.
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Natalie Lee in Love Is Blind. Right: Shayne Jansen and Shaina Hurley.

Netflix's Love Is Blind is all about trying to create emotional connections between people who can't see each other — and sometimes, people make more than one connection.

Season 2 star Natalie Lee ended up getting engaged to Shayne Jansen early in the show, but it wasn't until later that she learned about his other connection with Shaina Hurley.

Lee recently opened up to Narcity about discovering that connection midway through the show, when the whole cast was reunited for a bonfire on a beach. She also told us what happened after Shayne and Shaina had a private convo on the beach, and there was definitely some drama involved.

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"At the time — during what we call the 'Beach Scene' — I just wasn't sure what the conversation was about; I actually wasn't aware of their connection," Lee told Narcity. "But by their facial expressions and things like that, I knew that it was getting into a serious conversation."

The first few episodes of Love Is Blind show that Jansen was flirting with the idea of proposing to Hurley, although he ultimately decided to pop the question to Lee instead. He didn't get a chance to see either woman in person before making the decision, and it wasn't until later that he actually met Hurley.

Hurley used the meeting to look for cracks in the relationship, but Lee says her fiance was honest with her about it afterward.

Hurley? Not so much.

"Shayne did tell me what she had said, but I don't think that I really knew the full extent until I saw the show," Lee said.

"I did reach out to [Shaina] the day after the bonfire to get her side of the story," Lee added. "She denied saying most of the things that she actually did say."

"I really just wasn't sure what was going on," Lee said. "It's really until the show came out where I was like, 'OK, I think I know and kind of understand [now] what was happening.'"

Hurley got engaged to someone else in the first part of the show, but she decided to end things at the "honeymoon stage" in Mexico.

Hurley aside, Lee says the women on the show formed some strong bonds throughout the experience.

"I do wish that was shown a bit more, you know, those different friendships that were built," she said.

"We talk very often and hang out very often as well because we do have this shared experience. But we definitely had a lot of fun times together."

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