'Love Is Blind' Star Shake Got Dragged In The Reunion Special & Here's What Deepti Told Him

She did not hold back!

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Abishek "Shake" Chatterjee. Right: Deepti Vempati.

Abishek "Shake" Chatterjee. Right: Deepti Vempati.

The Love Is BlindSeason 2 reunion is out on Netflix, and we finally get to see Deepti Vempati confront Shake Chatterjee about everything he said behind her back.

The two of them got engaged without ever seeing each other on the show, and Shake later admitted to the camera — several times — that he wasn't attracted to Deepti. But it was Deepti who turned Shake down at on their planned wedding day, and now she's fully aware of what he said about her.

"I definitely heard from the girls and Shayne and Jarett; they all warned me that this is not a person you should marry because he's talking about you this way behind your back," she said in a clip from the reunion. "I didn't know the extent of how he was talking about me."

She added that Shake was "straightforward" after they met in saying that he wasn't physically attracted to her. But Deepti also wouldn't give him a pass for what he said behind her back.

"Listen, I don't give a f--- if you're not," she said to him. "But if you care about somebody and you're supposed to be their friend, you do not disrespect them on national f---ing TV."

Chatterjee's response was that he "could have handled that differently."

"You just don't know how to speak, especially to women," she replied.

The exchange was one of several tense moments in the episode involving Chatterjee.

Another involved a tough exchange with co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, in which she suggested that he was on the "wrong show."

During the exchange with the Lacheys, Shake awkwardly told Vanessa that she was the only one he was attracted to in the room.

"Love is not purely blind to me," he said. "I want it to be partially blind. I want it to be: 'Love is blurry.'"

Deepti rolled her eyes at that comment while others seemed to hold back laughter.

Chatterjee became a villain for many people on social media during the show, especially after some of the comments he shared about Vempati.

"This man literally says right at the beginning of the reunion show, “we’re all worried at how this is going to be edited”, then goes on to look like a grade A t-- without editing needed 😂 " said @officialCWH on Twitter. "Deepti had the luckiest escape."

"I’m watching the love is blind reunion… Shake is making me SICKKK. he really needs to work on himself and not seek out a relationship, let alone a MARRIAGE," said @its_meh_jenna.

People reported that Chatterjee and Vempati do not keep in touch, and you won't see many photos of him on her Instagram.

Chatterjee, meanwhile, has expressed no remorse about what happened.

"Still not sorry," he wrote in one of his recent posts on Instagram, where critics routinely show up to blast him in the comments.

Shake even posting a video recently where he says that he has no regrets about his behavior on the Netflix show.

The full season is out now on Netflix.

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