Mia Khalifa Was 'Humbled' To Speak At Oxford & She Had The Best Response To The Backlash

"Look Mom, I made it to Oxford!"

Mia Khalifa at Oxford University.
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Mia Khalifa at Oxford University.

Mia Khalifa, the former porn star-turned-social media influencer, just gave a speech at the prestigious Oxford University in the U.K., and she's not about to apologize for it.

The 30-year-old spoke at the Oxford Union, a world-famous spot for debates and top-tier guest speakers. The video was not immediately released but the Oxford Union brought Khalifa in on Wednesday as a "public figure and influencer" with a lot to say about exploitation in the adult film industry.

"The imposter syndrome was REAL even though I was there to talk about boundaries and confidence and my life experiences, for which you can judge all you want," she wrote on Instagram, adding that she was invited for "what I've done with my life since then."

Khalifa famously became one of the most-searched porn performers of all time after appearing in a handful of scenes over a few months back in 2014. She has since become an OnlyFans star, influencer and vocal critic of the porn industry, particularly because others continue to cash in on her work from years ago.

She wrote on Instagram that she was "humbled" to be invited to speak at the Oxford Union, and she hailed the students for adding her to a diverse list of guest speakers.

She also posted several photos and videos from the visit, including a pic of what appears to be her note in the Oxford Union guest book. "Look Mom, I made it to Oxford!" she wrote.

The Oxford Union's past guests have included Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Elton John, Salman Rushdie, Morgan Freeman and Mother Teresa, so Khalifa is definitely in some good company.

And she doesn't give a f*ck if you're mad about it, as she made abundantly clear on social media.

"You know the world is ending when Mia Khalifa is giving lectures to university students," wrote one critic on her Instagram.

"They be inviting anybody to oxford," wrote another hater on Twitter, in a comment that sparked a fierce reaction from Khalifa.

"They didn't invite u, bitch," she wrote.

Others were more supportive, "Oh this is brilliant! Unreal stigma against porn and porn actresses, applaud this," one woman wrote in response to the Oxford Union Instagram account.

Khalifa boasts tens of millions of followers across her various social media platforms. She often posts about her travels, her modelling work, plus her love for cannabis and Batman, while also occasionally taking time to blast toxic dating trends that seem to take advantage of women.

Honestly, she seems to be living her best life!

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