Mia Khalifa Tore Into Guys Who Go For Much Younger Girls & Said They're 'Severely Lacking'

She caused a big stir on Em Rata's podcast!

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Mia Khalifa on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast. Right: Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast.

Mia Khalifa on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast. Right: Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast.

Mia Khalifa got internet users buzzing with her guest appearance on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast this week, after she shared what thinks of men, particularly those who date younger women.

Khalifa and Ratajkowski delved into some pretty hard-hitting topics on High Low with EmRata, but it was their discussion about men that triggered some strong feelings online.

"Any guy who goes after a girl significantly younger than them is severely lacking in their life, and I mean that confidence-wise," the former adult film star said during the podcast. "I mean, they are falling short in so many places that, that is the only place they can turn to, to feel like they have something on the scale of power."

Ratajkowski agreed with Khalifa's perspective and added that "it's predatory."

"Because you're manipulating someone who's not aware of what they're giving you, and it's unfair," added Ratajkowski.

During the podcast, the two women shared their own experiences about dating older when they were younger, and Khalifa opened up about her first marriage when she was 18 to a man who was "7-8 years" older than her.

The topic came up when Ratajkowski talked about turning 19 and suddenly feeling like an adult woman and thinking about how it was now legal for her to be with 30-year-old men.

That's when Khalifa jumped in and shared the details of her "toxic" first marriage.

"Oh, I was married and in a really really toxic power dynamic situation. It was like so soon after my 18th birthday. It was extremely questionable looking back on it," Khalifa said.

"I mean, you were a child," Ratajkowski said in reaction to her story.

Khalifa shared that she got out of her first marriage around the same time she got out of the porn industry. She only spent about three months in the industry from 2014-15, but became one of the most-searched models of all time during that stint.

The two then talked about how when they meet 17 and 18-year-olds now, they can't imagine seeing them in a romantic way.

"I could never even register you as sexual or attractive in that way because you're a child," said Ratajkowski.

Ratajkowski posted a clip from the podcast on her Instagram and captioned it, "The one and only @miakhalifa is on High Low w/ Emrata today. We talk sex work, shame, body image, witchcraft, and control."

The two women got a lot of support, mainly from other women, for speaking on the matter, but that didn't keep away those who disagreed.

One person's comment under Ratajkowski's post read, "they're trying too hard to be relevant," which received over 2,500 likes.

Another person asked, "And what about older women going for younger men?"

"Everything she says is an L," wrote another user.

"Funny coming from someone who dated older guys," commented a user. "Nice job!!"

Others defended Khalifa by arguing that her opinion on the topic comes from her experience being with an older man and, therefore, she "knows what she's talking about."

"So disappointed by this content. This is a personal opinion which is divulged as a truth," argued another commenter. "It's always on a case-by-case basis. Older men can pursue younger women out of genuine and pure interest."

"This is fairly reductive. While I don't disagree that some (probably a large amount) men can be predatory when dating younger women, it also discounts a woman's worth by saying that any woman dating an older man is naive or stupid," wrote another commenter.

"Not a great argument to make if you value women's actual ability to govern their own choices or control their bodies."

What do you think about men who date much younger women?

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Global Staff Writer
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