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Mia Khalifa. Right: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mia Khalifa. Right: Leonardo DiCaprio.

The internet has been abuzz following Leonardo DiCaprio's recent breakup. He has been accused of not dating women beyond their 25th birthdays, and the latest public figure to weigh in on this raging pop culture conversation is Mia Khalifa.

The former adult film star and present-day social media icon did not hold back by paging the Oscar-winning actor on social media. Following his recent breakup with Camila Morrone, she went as far as calling him "a 47-year-old manchild."

In a Wednesday night Twitter rant, Mia Khalifa said, "Maybe it's not Leo dumping his girls as soon as they turn 25, maybe his girls outgrow him when their brain fully forms at 25, and they realize they don't want to be with a 47-year-old manchild."

Although Khalifa's statement is rooted in psychological studies -- which have established that an average adolescent's prefrontal cortex (the part of the human brain which prohibits impulsive decision-making) is not fully formed until you turn 25 -- a handful of DiCaprio's fans still responded angrily to her tweet.

They defended the Wolf Of Wall Street actor by telling Khalifa that his love life was "none of our business."

"Or maybe he just hasn't found the right woman…everyone dates dozens in their lives just with celebrities you see every breakup. Clooney dated a lot until he found his true love," wrote another Twitter user.

However, there were also plenty of people who agreed with Khalifa's argument.

It's no secret that DiCaprio has a history of dating only younger women, which was only further highlighted after his recent breakup with actress Morrone.

The timing of his break up with his most recent girlfriend didn't help his case either, as she had just turned 25 in June earlier this year.

One Twitter user even shared a graph about his dating timeline, which shows that "he continues to get older, and his girlfriends never age above 25."

If you think Khalifa's tweet was savage, you should see some of the other memes that have been going around since the breakup was announced.

Here are some of the popular ones:

Whoever DiCaprio ends up dating next might end the trend!

Who knows; maybe he'll pull a George Clooney move and is able to find his own Amal some day.

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