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This Florida Paradise Turned Into A Nightmare Due To Hurricane Ian & Videos Are Scary AF

The water doesn't look clear and turquoise at all anymore.

Desk Editor, Texas
Aerial view of the Florida Keys. Right: Flooding in Key West, FL, due to the passing of Hurricane Ian.

Aerial view of the Florida Keys. Right: Flooding in Key West, FL, due to the passing of Hurricane Ian.

Residents in Key West, Florida, woke up to a flooded city after Hurricane Ian hit the area with a peak happening around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27.

Key West is known for being the southernmost point in Florida and, of course, this comes accompanied by clear, turquoise waters that tourists often travel from afar to experience.

Well, the recent natural disaster changed the situation as furious weather started to hit this Sunshine State community, as we can see on this viral TikTok shared by a couple of Florida Keys realtors.


Ian is making his presence known at the Southernmost Point. We decided to venture out before conditions deteriorate much more and judging by the flooding and waves we went out just in time. It’s wild to see how angry the ocean is from a hurricane that is so far off the coast. Storm surge is scary and real! Flooding happens quickly. If you’re in the path of Hurricane Ian be prepared. Mother Nature is powerful beyond words! #hurricaneian #keywest #southernmostpoint #hurricaneseason2022 #keywesttravel #floridakeys #floridakeyslife #hurricaneseason2022

Locals in the area shared the city's current situation through their social media accounts, where videos show the aggressiveness of the storm surge. Even a viral video posted by user @bebeflores007 caught the hurricane in full effect, causing users to react to the situation.


Hurricane in Full Effect! #hurricaneian #keywest #florida #hurricane

"I love a good TikTok video- but at WHAT PRICE?!? WHAT PRICE YALL! #staysafe," a user commented on the clip.

A Key West woman tweeted that city or county officials never told residents to evacuate the area, sharing that the alert was only for a tropical storm with 2 to 3 feet of water.

"That’s not what happened. Last night was horrible. Please head the warning and get out if it’s coming your way," wrote Twitter user Victoria Bollea in a video that shows the outcomes of Hurricane Ian passing through the Key West Midtown area.

According to an update posted by Monroe County staff on Monday, September 26, before the hurricane hit, "residents and visitors in campgrounds, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, live-aboard vessels, and mobile homes" needed to look for shelter in a safe structure throughout the duration of the storm. The authorities also urged people with RVs or campers to move outside of the tropical storm area during that day.

A Monroe County tweet states that the Storm Surge Warning will be in effect for the Lower Keys on Wednesday, expecting water to be its highest between midday and 4 p.m.

    Fernanda Leon
    Desk Editor, Texas
    Fernanda Leon is an Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on Texas and is based in El Paso, Texas.
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