The Coronavirus pandemic rages on in the United States, but a new hero is here to help us return to normal.

Dogs are now trained to sniff out people who have COVID-19, and the Miami Heat have decided to put some virus-detecting pups to work.

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2,000  Fans allowed to attend Miami Heat games in-person.

All fans wishing to enter the arena and view the game in-person will now have to get past the COVID-sniffing dog first.

Scientists began training dogs to sniff out the virus in late 2020, and they believe they could greatly help contain the pandemic, as they can quickly and accurately sniff out those with the virus in crowded places such as airports, concerts, and sporting events.

Dogs have historically proved themselves worthy of the task, as they can even sniff out people with other illnesses including Malaria, infectious bacteria, and even some forms of cancer. 

The Heat will also be taking numerous other COVID-19 precautions including in-house isolation rooms, prohibiting bags, social distancing, mandatory mask-wearing, and contactless and cashless vendor experiences.