With summer well on the way, I'm sure many of us Floridian's have been working on the perfect tan - and don't even get us started on trying to find the best swimsuit for the season. There's a beach near Miami where you won't have to worry about which suit to wear since you can choose to bare it all - and you can perfect that tan.

Almost everyone has thought about skinny dipping before, but that requires you to do some sneaking around. God forbid the embarrassment if you got caught! You won't have to sneak around at Blind Creek Beach, a clothing optional beach in Fort Pierce Florida; they let you experience nature the all natural way - exposed to the elements. This sparkling span of a mile and a half long beachfront allows you to show off those curves and embrace your body, without fear of judgment or arrest!

While you're not required to show off your skin, this beach is a safe place for you to strip down to your natural elements; and nothing quite compares to sinking your naked toes deep into the sand, the breeze making your hair sweep your shoulders, and feeling the water caress your skin as wade into the depths of the clear blue ocean.

If you want to stay dry, you can perfect your glow by basking in the suns rays on the sand with nothing in the way.

Aside from swimming and working on that tan, the beach is just a small part of a HUGE 408-acre upland and wetland preserve - where you can fish recreationally, hike the sand dunes, or explore the inland trails.

The preserve is pristine and largely untouched, so you'll have the most stunning views available during your visit. Only limited public improvements have been made - including a picnic shelter, portable toilets, a crushed-shell nature trail, and an observation tower that gives you panoramic views of the ocean. You may even run into some sea turtles as they waddle adorably to the shore.

If you plan to spend the entire day here, packing a cute picnic along with a beach umbrella, chair, and towels for laying out would be the perfect little beach kit to pack up. If you have any spots in your tan that need fixing, this is the best place to strip down and bask in those rays. Tops on or off, you'll never want to leave this natural oasis - don't forget the sunscreen!

The beach is open sunrise to sunset every day of the week; just like your body at this beach, visiting is completely FREE - no fees (or clothes) attached! If you're ready to experience nature au-natural, Blind Creek Beach is located at 5460 S Ocean Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34949.

For more information about Blind Creek Beach or to plan your visit, check out the Treasure Coast Naturists resources on their website here.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.