Miami has the perfect weather and also the perfect sunflower backdrop for your Instagram feed. If you've ever wondered where you can get those great Instagram pictures everyone's been posting on their feed, you need to drive to this hidden sunflower field in Miami. Florida's hidden sunflower field is the perfect spot to visit ASAP, and it'll be the perfect picture post that will get you instant likes and followers!

But maybe you're wondering where to find this amazing hidden haven? Many locals won't tell you but if you drive to Burr's Berry Farm you will find this hidden gem on the side of the road. Not only you can get Insta-worthy images but you can take your family strawberry picking. 

The sunflowers are very tall and you can roam around the field without worrying to get many people. All you need to do is put this address on the GPS to find the hidden location: 12741 SW 216th Street. And, if you get lost you can ask the farmers around. They know what you're talking about and is easy to spot if you're driving around. All you need is to bring your camera and your best springtime outfit. 

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Many locals agree this place is magical. But, you need to hurry as the sunflowers last only until March. As the weather gets hotter, the sunflowers begin to die. 

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The farm also has the most amazing strawberry ice cream and shortcakes. It's important to come early as the lines get long and you'll be waiting in the scorching heat for a while. But the adventure is totally worth it. You can also have milkshakes, Belgium waffles, and more things at their lunch spot.

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The best part about this farm is that it's completely free and you can buy sunflowers for $1 each. If you want to go all out, hire a photographer and make this the best photoshoot ever.

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Come during a weekend and early morning to catch the best sunlight and strawberries. This part of Miami has so many hidden spots for Instagram pictures, but this sunflower field will be the best yet.