Mila Kunis Just Revealed She Won't Be In 'Fantastic Four' But She Does Know An MCU Secret

Mila Kunis dished on The Late Late Show!

Mila Kunis while on The Late Late Show.

Mila Kunis while on The Late Late Show.

Mila Kunis won't be playing Susan Storm anytime soon.

The 39-year-old actress shut down Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) rumours while on The Late Late Show , but she did reveal that she knows who will be stepping into Storm's shoes.

Unfortunately for fans, she doesn't want to cross any whiskers with the big "mouse," aka Disney, so it looks like she won't be spilling any details ahead of the film's release.

James Corden asked Kunis while on the show on April 26 about the "big online rumour," and it all started with a deli lunch, according to Kunis.

"Where does a rumour like this come from?" asked Corden.

"Apparently, if you go to lunch with somebody that is also in the industry, you then start working together, according to the internet," said Kunis.

Kunis explained that she went out with the director of Fantastic Four, Matt Shakman, to a deli and that the next day, she was "somehow in Fantastic Four ."

"I am not in Fantastic Four , but I know who is... But I don't want to get in trouble with the mouse, so none of you will find out," teased Kunis.

Fantastic Four isn't set to come out until 2025, so fans have a long while to wait, according to Screen Rant .

Shakman told Collider in February 2023 that "All the casting stuff you see is just rumours."

"We are early in our process there. We have nothing to announce right now, and certainly, when we do, we'll let you know," said Shakman.

Along with Susan Storm rumours, fans have also started speculating that Kunis may be playing a gender-swapped version of The Thing.

"Wait? They are considering Mila Kunis to play The Thing? I hope it is not true. Also, what happened to actors rejecting roles?" tweeted out a fan.

Another Twitter user tweeted out, saying that the MCU is looking at male and female actors for the role.

"They are looking at Jewish actors, both male AND female, for The Thing in Fantastic Four. Mila Kunis is one of them," tweeted the fan.

Although, considering Kunis' recent comments, it's probably a safe bet that these rumours may just be rumours.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.