Minimum Wage Just Went Up In 6 Provinces & Here's Who's Getting Paid The Least Now

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Hamilton in Ontario. Right: The Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina.
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Hamilton in Ontario. Right: The Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina.

The minimum wage employees can earn changed in many provinces on October 1 when planned salary increments took effect across the country.

This means that minimum wage workers in as many as six provinces became eligible for a raise.

Of course, since every province and territory in Canada has its own independent hourly rate, employees can get paid differently for doing the same job based on their location.

In fact, some employees can get paid as much as $16 per hour, while that amount dips all the way down to $13 in the province with the lowest minimum wage.

Here's a look at the regions that have recently bumped up their minimum rates — and how they compare to the rest of Canada.


The minimum wage in Ontario just increased to $15.50, up from $15 per hour.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage for students went up to $14.60 per hour, up from its previous minimum of $14.10.

Even with these increases, Ontario's minimum wage is not the highest in the country.

Nova Scotia

On October 1, a scheduled wage increase took effect in Nova Scotia.

While the minimum wage in the province used to be $13.35, it has been increased to $13.60.

It's also expected to increase to $14.30 on April 1, 2023; to $14.65 on October 1, 2023; and to $15 starting April 1, 2024.

Newfoundland & Labrador 

The province's minimum wage has gone up by 50 cents as of October 1.

While the minimum wage used to be $13.20 per hour, workers can now expect to be paid at least $13.70 per hour.

There's more good news for workers in the Atlantic province too, as this figure is expected to increase again on April 2023 to $14.50. The minimum wage will hit $15 in October 2023.

New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, employees earning minimum wage had their salaries increased by $1 on October 1.

The minimum wage went up from $12.75 per hour to $13.75 per hour, making it the highest in Atlantic Canada.


Manitoba previously had a minimum wage of $11.95 per hour, but this was bumped on October 1 to an hourly rate of $13.50.

There are also subsequent increases expected, with the minimum wage increasing to $14.15 in April 2023, and to $15.00 in October 2023.


Saskatchewan, which had the lowest minimum wage in the country at $11.81, has also had an increase.

Starting October 1, Saskatchewan workers can expect to make at least $13 per hour.

Additionally, there are more increments planned, with the minimum wage set to increase to $14 in October 2023 and $15 the following year.

However, even with this change, Saskatchewan continues to be the province with the lowest minimum wage rate in the country.

To further put it into perspective, the federal minimum wage is $15.55 an hour.


In Nunavut, workers get a minimum of $16 per hour. This rate has been in effect since April 2020.

While this rate remains unchanged, it is still the highest minimum wage rate in Canada.


Since April 1, 2022, minimum wage employees in Yukon have been eligible to get $15.70.

While there has been no change in the minimum wage this October, the rate does increase every year on April 1, in line with inflation and the Consumer Price Index. So, locals can expect some good news in the first quarter of next year.


In B.C. minimum wage workers are entitled to $15.65 per hour.

This has been the rate since June 1, 2022. This is despite the fact that the province is home to some of the most expensive cities in Canada.


If you're a minimum wage worker in Quebec, you can expect an hourly rate of $14.25.

This has been the figure since May 2022, with no further changes announced as of October.


The minimum wages in Alberta remains unchanged from June of 2019.

Most employees get $15 per hour, although there are some exceptions. For example, students under 18 get $13 per hour with some restrictions, and sales professionals have to make a minimum of $598 a week.


As of April 1, 2022, P.E.I. minimum wage workers have been getting $13.70 per hour.

Where has been no change to that amount this month, the minimum wage is increasing soon.

On January 1, 2023, it will go up to $14.50 per hour and on October 2023 it will further be increased to $15.

Northwest Territories

In the Northwest Territories, the minimum wage is $15.20 per hour, which is on the higher side when compared with the rest of the country.

While there has been no change this month, there are wage hikes expected in the coming year.

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