A Canadian Tire Employee Straight Up Stole 67 Barbecues & 64 Air Conditioners (VIDEO)

Was he getting ready for summer?
Canadian Tire Employee Gets Caught After Stealing 67 Barbecues & 64 Air Conditioners

Jay-Z famously sang that you can't knock the hustle. Apparently, one Canadian Tire employee took that advice to heart. Unfortunately for him, that meant stealing tons of merchandise, including 67 barbecues.

According to a report from TVA News, Nicolas Paquette, a 26-year-old employee working at a Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canadian Tire, managed to steal about $126,000 worth of merchandise from his employer.

Over a period of ninety days, Paquette's impressive yet still very illegal haul included 67 barbecues, 55 generators, and 24 televisions.

He also managed to nab a treadmill, a lawn tractor, a heating system, and various tools and accessories.

Paquette allegedly admitted that his method of theft was to load up a company truck from the warehouse and drive the stolen merchandise to his own house.

After that, he would re-sell the merchandise online. It's like cutting out the middle man, if that also involved stealing from the middle man.

He was questioned by his bosses when he returned to the store driving the truck at around noon on June 10. He immediately confessed to his continued theft.

Martin Carrier, a spokesperson for the Sherbrooke police, told TVA News that most of the stolen merchandise was able to be recovered. It was tucked away in Paquette's garage.

The Canadian Tire employee was not previously known to the Sherbrooke Police, but is scheduled to appear in court.

He could face charges of breaking and entering and theft for over $5,000, according to Energie 106.1.

A different Canadian Tire location in Alberta also made the news this month when they put up a billboard that prominently featured a man's butt crack.

The company's stores also saw a massive surge in business after finally being able to reopen in Ontario

Some locations saw line ups of fifty people waiting to be checked out. Maybe they wanted to get their barbecues and air conditioners the honest way.

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