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Montreal's McGill University Has Evacuated Buildings Due To A 'Suspicious Package'

It's not the first Canadian university that's been forced to evacuate in the last few days, either.👇

Montreal's McGill University Has Evacuated Buildings Due To A 'Suspicious Package'

Montreal's McGill University has confirmed that three of its buildings were evacuated on Tuesday morning, due to "an incident" that police are investigating.

In a tweet shared at 8:25 a.m., the university announced that both Dawson Hall and the McCall MacBain Arts building had been cleared. A few minutes later they shared that Leacock was also being evacuated.*

A spokesperson for the SPVM told MTL Blog that Montreal police had received reports of a "suspicious package" on the university's campus on Tuesday.

By 9:30 a.m., officers were on the school's grounds "preventively." While they said there is no initial information to say the object is "threatening," police are "not taking any chances."

The SPVM described the action as "a preventive intervention." MTL Blog reports that experts are on their way to analyze the object in question to determine whether or not it's a threat.

It's not the first incident of its kind in the last few days, as multiple New Brunswick Universities were evacuated on Friday, September 10, due to police activity.

A day later, the University of New Brunswick confirmed that officers had been reacting to a "possible bomb threat to campus."

*This article has been updated.

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