Tropical Storm Fay Is Moving Up The US Coast & Coming For Eastern Canada

Nobody told Fay that the border is closed.
Tropical Storm Fay's Canada Impacts Include Lots Of Rain For Places In The East
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Excuse me, ma'am, the border is closed. Tropical Storm Fay's Canada arrival is set to happen this weekend and some parts of the country could get a dumping of rain from it. The system will likely be downgraded before it reaches here but we'll still feel the effects.

On July 11 and July 12, this tropical storm will make its way into eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

As it moves up the eastern U.S. coast, it will most likely weaken but it could still keep some stormy, tropical characteristics according to The Weather Network.

As of the early morning hours on Friday, Fay had winds near 85 km/h.

Despite the downgrade, this could be something special.

"This would still be very rare to get a tropical system in Quebec on its projected path, as it continues to have tropical characteristics into Quebec," said Jaclyn Whittal, a meteorologist with The Weather Network.

Fay will probably be considered a tropical depression as it moves through the provinces and then into post-tropical status.

That doesn't mean it's dry though. These remnants will still bring lots of rain to Canada though.

Eastern Ontario and Quebec will start to feel the effects of the storm on Saturday morning with widespread rain.

Through Sunday, some places could get 15 to 20 millimetres of rain or even 30 to 40 millimetres.

The remnants of this storm then move into the Maritimes on Saturday night and through to Sunday.

There will be periods of rain but it won't be as much as parts of Ontario and Quebec are forecasted to get.

Five to 15 millimetres are expected for the region.

The downpours in Ontario might be a welcome sight as parts of the province have been dealing with extreme heat and rain for a while.

Fay is already the sixth named storm of this year's Atlantic hurricane season which is expected to be a super active one.

With the chances of a major hurricane making landfall on the U.S. east coast being above normal, that puts Atlantic Canada at greater risk too.

Last year, Hurricane Dorian caused major damage in Nova Scotia when it came ashore.

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