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Here's Where You'll Find The 3 Most Beautiful Beaches In The US

These beaches have been ranked among the most beautiful in the entire world!

If you've been longing to get back on a beach but you haven't set your sights on a destination just yet, we might have found exactly what you're looking for. The most beautiful beaches in the world have been ranked and three of the stunning destinations are in the U.S.

In a ranking by Money.co.uk, the world's most beautiful beaches were determined based on which are the most picturesque. "This was achieved by analysing over 26 million Instagram hashtags associated with the world's most popular beaches and calculating how many pictures were shared per metre of the beach length," reads the report.

The beach that earned the crown and the number one spot on the list was Bali's Kelingking Beach. The three U.S. spots that made the top 20 are located in Florida and Hawaii.

The first was Hanauma Bay in Hawaii; the second was Lanikai Beach in Hawaii, and the third was Bal Harbour Beach in Miami.

One Canadian destination also made the list — Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver came in at number 16 in the global top-20 ranking.

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