Canada's Most Trusted Brands In 2021 Include Costco & Canadian Tire

Neither are the number one trusted brand, though! 🇨🇦

Most Trustworthy Brands In Canada Include Costco & Canadian Tire
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When it comes to the most trustworthy brands in Canada, there are some pretty big names at the top of the list.

The Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI), which ranked Canada's most trusted brands for 2021, has found that companies like Lego, Interac and President's Choice are believed to be trustworthy by the Canadian public.

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2021 Gustavson Brand Trust Index

The research considers Canadians' perceptions of a brand's overall trustworthiness, authenticity, relationship with consumers and how likely they'd be to recommend it, among other things.

This year, stores like Costco Wholesale, Canadian Tire, Chapters and Home Hardware were in the top 10 most trusted brands for 2021. This is in addition to brands like the Canadian Automobile Association and Dyson, which took first and second place in the list, respectively.

On the other hand, previously well-trusted brands like Amazon, Whole Foods, Air Canada and Tesla have dropped in the ranking, as "consumers felt that the companies' values no longer aligned with their own."

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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