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This New Orleans Mansion Airbnb Has A Hidden Library Inside & It's Super Cheap

You can read your favorite novel on the private balcony.

If you're planning on making a trip to the Pelican State sometime soon, look no further than this Airbnb in the heart of New Orleans. The closer you are to the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and more popular LA spots, the better. However, thanks to the stunning interior of this particular Airbnb in the Garden District of New Orleans, you may not ever want to leave your temporary home.

"Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Library" is the name given to an Airbnb listing by Adrienne, a Superhost on the site. The listing is in a great location and is shaded by many massive trees to make your stay feel secluded.

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This Incredible Red Canyon Is The Perfect Day Trip From New Orleans

Start making some playlists!

Just because Louisiana has loads of incredible spots to visit, doesn't mean you don't want to get out of the Pelican State every once in a while. If you're looking for the perfect road trip, look no further than one to Mississippi. From New Orleans, a road trip to Mississippi is just two hours long if you plan on making a stop at one of the state's most incredible, and colorful canyons.

Red Bluff in Foxworth Mississippi is a place you'll never forget being able to see with your own eyes.

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This Incredible Black River Is A 2-Hour Road Trip Away From New Orleans

This place is stunning.

Louisiana is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the country, with incredible historic landmarks and stretches of beaches to mystical swamps and national forests. However, sometimes taking a road trip out of your state is exactly what you need to have a refreshing weekend adventure. Heading over to Mississippi is never a bad idea, and the perfect place to visit is this black water river a short road trip from New Orleans.

The incredible Black Creek Wilderness is a 5,052-acre natural area in The Magnolia State. The wilderness area is a stunning spot to explore any time of the year but it's even better when its warm enough to navigate its waters.

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This Dreamy Historic Spot Near New Orleans Will Transport You To Another Era

Calling all history buffs!

Learning the history behind a state you love, grew up in, or admire can seem like a hassle but it shouldn't be, especially if it's the Pelican State. A Louisiana historical site makes learning about New Orleans and the battles that took place in and near the city easy breezy. You'll be amazed by not only what you learn, but by how beautiful the site still is to this very day.

On January 8, 1815, the Battle of New Orleans took place on the Chalmette Battlefield, which is actually still open to the public.

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You Can Step Into This Portal Of Enchanting 300-Year Old Trees Near New Orleans

It's like a dream!

New Orleans is filled to the brim with enchanting places to discover, from sprawling parks to mystical swamps. There is so much to do and see in the area in and around the city, you won't want to miss seeing any of it. One spot you need to see if you love history, nature, art, or all three is this winding oak tree trail near New Orleans on a historically preserved plantation.

Oak Alley Plantation was bought in 1925 and was turned into a nonprofit foundation in 1969 by Josephine Steward, with help from her nephew, Zeb Mayhew, Sr.

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This New Orleans Park Has Fields Of Endless Flowers & Clear Emerald Springs

You can't resist this place!

If you're planning on exploring the Pelican State any time soon, we'll go ahead and warn you in advance that you may be left in shock from amazement. Many are quick to visit Bourbon Street or the French Quarter, but it's the scenic parks in New Orleans, Louisiana that will truly blow you away. One, in particular, is covered head-to-toe in lush greenery, emerald springs, gorgeous flowers, and much more. 

City Park in New Orleans is a 1,300-acre oasis with endless amenities to enjoy.

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