A TikToker Swears Mardi Gras In Alabama Is Better Than New Orleans & Started A Heated Debate

Parade wars have begun.

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New Orleans Mardi Gras. Right: A view of Mobile, Alabama.

New Orleans Mardi Gras. Right: A view of Mobile, Alabama.

Americans celebrated Mardi Gras at famous parades across the country, including that of New Orleans, LA. From beads to floats and king cake, there was no shortage of people letting the good times roll this week.

However, a TikToker in Alabama published a video on February 20 of Mobile's celebrations and mentioned that people should really be talking about "the original Mardi Gras," not the one in NOLA.

Let the parade wars begin.


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So many people swarmed the comment section and wrote, "side eye" and to "be for real."

However, some accounts agree with the creator.

"Why are people side-eyeing this it’s true," a user commented, and someone else replied, "that's what I'm saying."

One TikToker stated that Mobile was the first to have the parades, but New Orleans still does it better.

According to the History Channel, the origin state that hosted the inaugural Mardi Gras celebrations depends on who you're asking. However, experts say because Mobile was founded earlier than New Orleans, due to technicalities, it was observed in AL first.

Many creators on the app seem to be on Louisiana's side, but commenters are giving Alabama credit for being one of the first to recognize the holiday.


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According to various videos on TikTo, the two parades seem quite similar. There are locals throwing beaded necklaces, people in the streets, food, floats and costumes galore.

Louisiana is the only state that considers the day a legal holiday in every county, but Alabama does consider it a legal holiday in Baldwin and Mobile counties.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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