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New York City's Cataclysmic Floods Engulfed The Streets & Subway Last Night (VIDEOS)

At least eight people have reportedly died in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

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New York City's Cataclysmic Floods Engulfed The Streets & Subway Last Night (VIDEOS)

After Hurricane Ida battered the United States all throughout this week, New York City's infrastructure felt the full effect of the natural disaster's aftermath.

New York's National Weather Service issued its first-ever flash flood emergency for NYC late on Wednesday, September 1, as a massive amount of wind and rain battered the Big Apple.*

According to the New York Times, at least eight people — including a 2-year-old boy — have died in the floods.

Arguably the most intense videos from the event came from underneath the city, as the gates and platforms of New York City's subways were engulfed in rushing water. At one point in the night, every single subway line in the city was shut down.

The scenes weren't much better above ground, either, as New Yorkers recorded the shocking images of drowned cars, trucks and even bicycles — including one plucky delivery cyclist going way, way above and beyond to complete his job.

Inside, too, the floods were making their mark, as several New Yorkers filmed their toilets completely overflowing due to the huge amounts of excess water.

As commuters struggled to travel along the roads, one video showed the Brooklyn Queens Expressway submerged beneath rushing water.

Flood warnings are still in effect for parts of the state, according to New York's National Weather Service, but the weather forecast indicates the skies will remain dry until the weekend.

*This article has been updated.

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